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Critical Essay Paragraphs

September 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Attached below is the exemplar from today’s lesson and a breakdown of how you should aim to structure your critical paragraphs to begin with.

Remember that the focus for your first critical essay is to ensure that it is properly structured and that you have answered the question. Don’t spend too long devouring a thesaurus to make it look sophisticated at this stage, we can worry about that later.

Any questions, post a message. They don’t get posted on here unless I choose to display them, so don’t worry about asking anything daft – any question you have,someone else will most likely want to know the answer as well.

PCQER – Critical Paragraphs

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Essay Planning – Early Stages

September 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Remember to use the following acronym to help plan out the introductory paragraph of your critical essay:



Response to Question

Techniques you will be discussing



Outline of the text to be discussed

Ensure that you use suitably sophisticated vocabulary when writing your intro – this sets the tone for the remainder of your essay.

Given that the question asks you to focus upon the differing emotions which are evident within the poem, the most logical approach to take in planning your analytical and evaluative paragraphs would be to deal with them as they occur chronologically in the poem. Use the information from your analysis tables to help you help you make a start.


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The Essay Question

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Your First Critical Essay Question:

Discuss a poem which portrays a conflicting array of emotions. State what these emotions are, under what circumstance they occur, and how effectively the poet conveys them. Include personal response and comment upon the poet’s central concern/message.

Remember that the question is in two distinct parts. The first focuses on your ability to analyse the poem, the second on your ability to evaluate.

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Shooting Stars Analysis Table

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A copy of the blank analysis table with the quotes and techniques completed. Two exemplar A&E sections are available to view.

SS Analysis Table

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Links to Notes and Exemplar Essays

September 12, 2012 Leave a comment

No doubt at some point you’ll be scouring the web trying to find some useful information. Here’s a wee list of some sites that can be of use. Be careful though – don’t believe everything you read on the web!

Some nicely phrased points at parts here, but the tone is somewhat unsophisticated at times. A coherent response which touches on a number of key ideas without any real in depth analysis.

Oodles of information here. Some nice points on the various ideas/themes touched upon by the poet. Be wary of the overly simplistic language in the analysis and the exemplar paragraphs.
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Shooting Stars – Carol Anne Duffy

The poem without any comments or annotation

Shooting Stars Questions

An exercise which focuses upon the variety of emotions which are apparent in the poem


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