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Structuring Your Persuasive Essay

Your essay should adhere to the following guidlines in order to effectively construct your argument.

  • Introduction – State your topic clearly. Contextualise it, provide any necessary background information and ensure that you clearly communicate why the topic is worth discussing. Ensure that your word choice and phraseology indicates the persuasive nature of your argument. Aim to stimulate reader engagement.
  • Argument – The effectiveness of your argument will rely equally upon the evidence you draw your points from and also the manner in which you present them. Aim to discuss 4 points which you will present in a one-sided manner. Utilisation of the techniques listed below is key.
  • Concession – You must show an awareness of the obvious counter arguments to your points to effectively present your point of view. You can either show a grudging acceptance of the ‘other side’ but restate how much more relevant and significant your point of view is, or refuse to accept the counter argument via well explained reasoning. Avoid being irrational or making poorly thought out claims as this will undermine your argument.
  • Conclusion – Aim to finish on an irrefutable point. Finishing strongly is key. Perhaps find an appopriate quote – chances are someone has said it better before!

Key Techniques

The following techniques should be evident at some point within your essay:

  • Repetition
  • Lisiting
  • Hyperbole
  • Rhetorical Questioning
  • Emotive Language
  • Humour (difficult but very effective!)
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