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PEEL Paragraph Structure

Here’s a reminder of the paragraph structure discussed in class. *Evidence and Explanation are interchangeable*


It is of the utmost importance that the point you are making is clearly indicated. If it is unclear, your essay will be difficult to follow, and any impact you may achieve via the explanation of your evidence will be lost.


Make sure your evidence is taken from a reliable source:

  • News
  • Web Articles
  • Interviews
  • TV Programmes
  • Books

Avoid unreliable sources such as Wikipedia. Any material you present as fact must be sourced. It is not necessary to continually quote – paraphrasing is perfectly acceptable, but must be referenced via footnotes.


The relevance of your facts must be explained within the contex of your argument. How do they help you make your point? Why are they significant? This should for the main body of the paragraph. Don’t let the facts do the talking for you – this is where you make your grade.


This should round off your paragraph, clearly linking your explanation back to your initial question from your introduction. It will allow you to summate your point and clearly distinguish its relevance to your discussion whilst allowing you to proceed clearly with your next idea.

Have a look at the exemplar essays within the context of this structure if this is unclear. Any questions, post a message.

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