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Exemplar Essay and Tasks

This one of the essays we discussed in class. Have a look at it and consider how you rate in in terms of:

  • Character Development
  • Setting
  • Plot

short story – fire

The plot is very simple and adheres to the four basic elements:

1.Opening – The scene and atmosphere are set via imagery and word choice. A dark mood is created and we are presented with a sombre depiction of the main character.

2.Complication – The character is presented as having an addiction to alcohol, perhaps to indicate that he is having difficulty dealing with an event. This is revealed through the writing of a letter.

3.Climax – The protagonist completes the letter and burns it as a symbolic release if his worry/guilt.

4. Resolution – A sense of optimism is created due the cathartic act of writing and subsequently burning away the character’s problems.

The plot is also successful as it never fully reveals the issue which has resulted in the situation described. This allows the reader to decide for themselves.

Try to deconstruct the successes and failures of the character development and the depiction of setting in a similar fashion.

Any questions, post a message.

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