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Imagery Questions & Examples

A wee reminder how to deconstruct images as discussed in class:

Remember that you must deal with both the Literal Root of the image, and also the Figurative Meaning. For example:

The world is a playground

Just as a playground is an environment in which children can socialise, grow and learn, so the world offers us an endless opportunity to develop, prosper and succeed.

America is a melting pot

Just as a melting pot is a container into which a variety of elements are mixed together to fuse into one, so America can be seen to be a country which provides a singular, common identity to peoples from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

All the world’s a stage

Just as a stage offers the opportunity for actors and actresses to perform their artistic ability, so the world offers us an environment in which to showcase our skills and talents.

For Practice:

Try to deconstruct the following images:

  1. She is my east and my west, my compass
  2. Disbelief is a poorly armed foot-soldier in the battle against fear
  3. Love is like a pair of compasses (those you use to draw circle, not point northwards)

Any questions, post a message. Enjoy.

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